We're looking for 100 Gold Coast Quality Tradies.
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We’re looking for Quality Trades and Services to join our network of like-minded businesses who want a way to receive simple no-hassle local work and the real benefits of collaborative and effective marketing. 

Quality Tradies is a gym for your business; we provide simple local and straightforward leads, collaborative marketing, a united brand, deals and discounts from our partners in the community all for an affordable annual fee.
You don’t pay per quote or lead, and there are no complex bidding structures it’s a two-step process our customers search, call or email the Tradie directly.

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Tradie Benefits

Our Quality Tradies receive many benefits including local and hassle-free leads, support from TV, Radio and Social Media campaigns and access to a network of partners offering special deals and discounts all included in your affordable annual fee.

Invitation Only

We're looking for our first 100 Quality Tradies ready to join the community and start working together to achieve some great results.


Affordable and straightforward pricing, annual membership fee with NO ongoing or additional cost for leads, marketing or extras


We take care of the marketing our Social Media Campaigns, Television and Radio branding all supporting our community of Quality Tradies.

No Hassle

We want to help you keep it simple, more time for you to work or relax, so that means easy leads and simple pricing and the benefits of marketing under a united brand.

Brand Power

Our community, marketing buying power and brand provide visible exposure, while building trust that makes your business and our members stand head and shoulders above the rest.


We want you to be part of our community. Supporting each other and working together to keep it local, Quality Tradies supporting you to grow your business.

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